December 18, 2019 the FREE FUN FOR A YEAR contest. Eligibility went to everyone who saw me from NOV 25th to DEC 15th. Those who read my books, listened to my radio station, showed exemplary sexual character and daring or interest in me as something other than a sexual playmate etc received extra 'ballots'/entries for such, improving their odds. For those of you who did not qualify.

I will be having at least one OPEN LIVE CAMJAM in the next 2 weeks in which 10 or so of you will be invited to enjoy what so many already have in previous live CAMJAMS, interacting with Britney and others in my immediate environment whether that's the house here in L.A. or wherever I happen to be in the world and with whomever I happen to be with...and whatever...naughtiness happens to be happening. So keep your eyes peeled here on my blog for random, capricious, spontaneous announcements.


December 14, 2019

After a few months of laborious planning and design, HURRICANE JANE is finally in the first throes of it's dawn. As I previously mentioned HURRICANE JANE will be my first attempt at a SERIES of novels based on a single fixed character/detective (of sorts) using my long-employed nom de plume ROXY FALLS. In this instance, I desperately wanted to stray from the paradigm and create not a "detective" per se or even an investigator. Thusly..HURRICANE JANE was born -- a borderline anomaly/mystery herself driven from event to event by an internal "Storm" to uncover the truth name it. As she solves these mysteries and nears the guilty/truth the Hurricane itself brews...

She is literally a walking human tempest.

If she comes for you...there's nowhere to hide, nowhere to run.

With an exhaustively-designed character and approach I am now prepared to add to the first chapter I penned and posted CHAPTER TWO and (from there) not only the remainder of THE BOOK ITSELF but what will cons...

December 13, 2019

There's no limits to what we can all do when we demonstrate respect for one another. As the holidays approach I am so very very very grateful to everyone who made this year so gooey and KABLOOOEY! This especially goes for those of you who wrote such kind and considerate words. I hope to make next year (probably my last) the CHERRY on the sexy sundae!

December 13, 2019

It's snowing sweetness!

December 11, 2019

It's been a kernel in my craw that so few if any of my playmates have bothered to make any habit of listening to my PUBLIC ACCESS radio station. Therefore, it has joined KSXY (my other station) as PRIVATE ACCESS ONLY for those who have reserved IPs. The rest of you are all missing the best radio station that ever was! 100% commercial free (mostly) 70/80s with zero loops and 30,000 songs dating as far back as 1916 and as current as this weeks releases. What a shame! Oh well! 

December 3, 2019


Besides my 33% reduction in prices this last year and the contest in which you could win an entire years worth of free fun, I'm also inviting you to enjoy a SPECIAL $50 XXXMAS REDUCTION for 2 days only.

Let's melt some DECEMBER ice and snow and light a fire in your holiday heart!


December 2, 2019

In honor of Britney's early birthday morning and the insane dirty fun that ALWAYS ENSUES, I will be inviting 10 of you to a LIVE CAMJAM session here so that you can say HELLO to Brit and everyone else and -- permissions given -- watch some of the delicious naughtiness! Playmates in the EST time zone where it will soon be 6am can KIK ME or text me between now and 6am for consideration. With the cam password you'll have access to 13 cameras and be able to fully-interact. The last 27 times I did this it went ridiculously well so let's hope that pattern persists!

You can continue to seek access until the session is over but be patient with replies and access as obviously we will be distracted by everything already in motion.

December 2, 2019

With Christmas now only 3 weeks away and the contest eligibility dwindling, I'm boosted by your kind words! Thank you so much! Those of you who don't review publicly or privately even...........................would love it if you would. Shows class on your part even if it's anonymous.

December 1, 2019

It's time for the XMAS SLEIGH-LAY...which (as with the HALLOWEEN HAYRIDE that's been so popular for 4 years now) 8 people will be invited to join myself, my GFs and at least 2 A-LIST celebs in a big warm, sexy SLEIGHRIDE PLUS....well other fun..................CONTACT ME FOR INFO!

As always there is ABSOLUTELY NO CHARGE!



December 1, 2019

Personal life pops its head up and I'm in L.A. with friends, family until TUESDAY, possibly as late as Thursday!

November 30, 2019

As with so many of the A LIST celebs who come through the house during the course of the year (95% of whom I never mention) our visitor tomorrow is nervous but excited at the idea of trying some fun with at least one of my playmates who shows up. To be invited to a lunch/meet (and very probably more...much more) simply be the first one to KIK me your reply to the following:



Yellow-bellies don't reply plz

November 27, 2019

After two weeks away it was so HAWT AS HELL to cum back for a few days and have some of the best fun I've ever had with all you extra juicy gentlemen and ladies. Thanks for all the moans and groans and bones! As I will be on the move a lot for life, love and work PLEASE CONTACT ME directly with your location and when you might wanna have some fun (the more notice the better) and let's connect the dots to make a happy picture for us both!

November 25, 2019

STARTING TODAY everyone who sees me between now and DEC 20th will automatically be entered in my annual FREE FUN FOR A YEAR contest! The winner will be informed JAN 2, 2020 and will have access to 2 one-hour play-times with me every week for the next 12 months (ending DEC 19, 2020). Every hour you see me enters you again and again! The odds are good as I will be choosing one name blindly from a bowl of names of which will only be the limited people who saw me from NOV 25-DEC 25, 2019.

November 22, 2019

There's no way for me to ever get bored with and take for granted the kind words of those who scribe them!


November 22, 2019

After several years I've now moved the Q/A INTERVIEW and updated all my pertinent answers to the questions. I'll also be adding more questions and answers based on frequency of those asked in emails.face-to-face chats and TXTS. 

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