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150 Strictly Slurping
40 mins GTA's BEST-RATED BBBJ Only
 for Familiar Playmates

200 Cherry Picking
1 HR Sweet Succulent GFE

300 Fruit Cocktail
90 mins GFE in heavy syrup

400 Fruit Basket
2 HRS Splendidly Sugary GFE

600 Apple Orchard
3 HRS Sticky Salacious GFE

As you are paying for my time, not what we do with it, and time is the most precious, priceless
of all commodities, and I treat my playmates as such, not watching the clock, not rushed
and eager to lavish extra time and FUN itself upon those I enjoy time with...I'm asking that
playmates take the similar time/respect to pick me up a token of such...nothing pricey...
even just some CHEAP flowers and Shoppers/Walmart giftcard, or just ask me
if I need something picked up is in itself courteous

Proper cleanliness/disinfecting measures are expected upon arrival

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