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  • Amy D


Most of you sweeties are wonderful and have a great respect for both me and my time...I thank you for that!

But, unfortunately, some still do not seem to understand how rude, inconveniencing and costly it is to me when you make plans and then cancel.

Before you see me again for fun, you will first have to compensate me for the lost time.

Then -- and only then -- can we discuss wiping your slate clean of your cancellation/no-show.

Otherwise I'm afraid you'll have to find someone else.

One opportunity to disrespect me and my time in this manner is all you will have.

I'm so sorry to all you sweeties out there who do not deserve to be lumped in with the bad eggs!

It's sad and I regret this has to be.

My time is priceless to me. When you cancel or simply don't show up and don't contact me, it is not only incredibly rude and costs me priceless time.

If I have made time for you, chances are plans I would have otherwise had with others cannot be recovered.

Playmates or even just friends I could have made plans with likely have moved on.

You've cost me something absolutely precious -- opportunity.

You simply must respect me and the value of my time.

If you have made plans with me you need to honour them.

AGAIN! My time is priceless to me! An hour of my life means everything to me!

I regret that this new policy must be put in place at all.

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