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As we say goodbye to winter and all its cuddly fun, every SPRING I release my "FAVORITE PLAYMATES" list. These playmates show an especially-high degree of class or they're just especially hot when it comes to sex. If you're not on this list don't take it personally -- it does not mean you have no or little class or acumen, it just means someone else

tries a little harder. This last year it's become clear to me that some guys and gals I have fun with actually really LIKE ME and some people would rather give me money than find out what my dog's name is or what my fav color is. This coming summer I'm hoping to have hotter, more unique sexual fun! Let's all laugh and sweat a little more than last year!


In no particular order:

Janie -- (Gorgeous eyes and loves laying in bed after telling jokes)

Kyle -- (One of my regular college boys who is reliable and really knows me)

F. -- (Just find him more hot to be in bed with than most)

G.K. -- (His interest in my sexlife outside him seems genuine and turns him on)

'Wiki' -- always brings flowers, tips well and loves my celeb stories

Tanya -- someone I could see myself dating in the next year

G. -- always brings me gifts and gets extra time and is soooo reliable.


THANKS to all of you including those who preferred to not be mentioned at all

for making this last year so much fun and for making me say "OMG!" so much!


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