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  • Amy D

MEET ___________Contest TODAY!!! Right Now! Quick!

UPDATE: 6:00 — ALL WRAPPED UP HERE and contest is closed. Thanks for everyone making it so sporting and keep updated here for other spontaneous events! Have a great BUNNYDAY EVERYONE!


UPDATE: 4:30 PM Saturday — “Hello Kitty” from Etobicoke correctly identifies our houseguest and arrives to “collect his winnings” and is given a serving lazy Susan of various snacks, a cold cream soda and hot lips around his cock...anyone else wanna take a shot at it? Selected moments from 3WFranks fun yesterday are now viewable in THE VAULT. Fun here...just beginning


UPDATE 11:32 AM Saturday — Our celebrity houseguest is still “game” for another “visitor” — take a shot while you can even after 200+ attempts a second ‘winner’ hasn’t happened

Correctly guess the identity of our houseguest and be invited to come meet her (and more).


UPDATE: 11:47 — 3WFrank on his way home having had.a raunchy time with our celebrity houseguest. Will post whatever approved video she consents to in The Vault ASAP. If anyone else can accurately guess her identity she is willing to accommodate them tomorrow afternoon.


UPDATE (7:22pm) — after a flurry of 114 attempts “3WFrank” successfully bullseyed our current celebrity guest and — with the help of his trusty GPS — will be arriving here by 8pm! Thanks to all for making it a fun idea!


Anyone in the GTA who can successfully guess which celeb is staying the weekend with us will be invited to come meet them (and probably more) and have a meal etc. Each eligible individual has 2 guesses. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! Contest ends Sunday 12 Noon

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