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  • Amy D

MEET __________ Contest RIGHT NOW!!! ATM!!!!

UPDATE 9:08 PM SAT — “Nameless” went home about 20 mins ago more happy than he’s been in his whole life after collecting his “prize”. Keep updated on future similar contests by frequenting ATM


UPDATE 5:45 PM SAT — After 9 hours of more than 250 guesses FINALLY “Nameless” from Scarborough correctly names our celebrity houseguest and arrives to “collect his prize”. With permission the 🍓”fun” will be posted in THE VAULT ASAP afterwards.


As I’ve done several times before and it has always turned out AWESOME so far...anyone who can correctly guess our celebrity houseguest is welcomed to come have breakfast with us this morning meet her and know what else always happens! Wink wink! Nudge nudge ! Everyone else entitled to two guesses and must have the wherewithal to actually carry-thru. Good luck to all! Contest ends tomorrow noon

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