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The first playmate to KIK me the correct answer to the following question will win a FREE HOUR of playtime with me today

I ALMOST named my puppy this instead of PEPPER.....

UPDATE: after 57 attempts (Name Withheld) collected his prize. The correct answer was “FREEWAY”. Jonathan and Jennifer Hart named their dog FREEWAY after finding him there; and we had considered calling PEPPER the same because she has a lavish pampered lifestyle and coddling handed to her without having to do anything at all for it (one of the reasons I chose to never have children like the HARTS did — they’re useless!

👸Princess Pepper

We also considered ROCKY RACCOON because she has raccoon eyes. In the end we stuck with PEPPER because she was a character from one of D.’s unreleased novels and he always wanted to name something PEPPER. Keep your eyes peeled on ATM for spontaneous contests like this

I watch HART TO HART most nights just before bed (if I don’t I watch SIMON/SIMON). Info that might come in handy for ya later on!

It pays to actually get to know me! Familiar playmates who want to save themselves serious $ can do so by simply taking a little time to get to know simple things about me like this that can do just that. Download KIK and message me at LITTLEBROWNGIRL2018.

(Plz don’t use KIK for making appointments — it’s strictly a social venue for playmates to familiarize themselves with me beyond our time together)

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