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I am happy to publicly say I am now currently looking for an official boyfriend! As most of you know I am non-monogamous and have been “married” for years to a man I adore and a woman I think’s the stars shine. We are none of us given to petty jealousies and they’re wholly supporting my search for an official new boyfriend!

Prerequisites include:

1) 35 or under

2) Must be single or in a relationship where the S.O. (Significant Other) is comfortable meeting and approving of me

3) Must be financially secure and independent

4) Must have adequate free-time to build a relationship

5) Must have compatible tastes in music movies and what constitutes fun and be open to new experiences

6) Must be “on the same page” with me about celebrities I know and work with or socialize with

7) Must approve of my sexuality and be compatible

8) Must be old-fashioned about gentlemanly elements like opening doors etc

9) Must be a YES personality (don’t like stick-in-the-mud people)


I’m really looking forward to the fun of doing this and hope to genuinely find someone I can start sharing my life with like I already do with my S.O.’s...aimed at a future, not temporary

Many of you have expressed interest in this question in the past so here’s your chance to compare your situation with the prerequisites and go from there. If you’re missing one or more of the above prerequisites then ya...not gunna happen. Otherwise...ya never know! This should be really fun!

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