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  • Amy D


I’ve been asked so many times by so many playmates about this I simply can’t count. Instead of creating a section for it I’m electing a BLOGPOST as my alternative. I can add and remove things at will and everyone who’s interested can take or leave my advice as they see fit.


#1) THE BIG PROBLEM I’ve known and seen a lot of men and women and I’ve dated my share of humans, had friends and enemies and if there is a BIG PROBLEM that is at the heart of the difficulty men have with GETTING THE GIRL it is this — YOU DON’T GIVE A SHIT At least not as much as you need to to get the girl. Men have this fallacy that they can say they like or want to be with a girl but have and show no genuine interest in the things, activities, people and wherewithal that constitute who and what she is. You can’t expect a girl to respond well to you when you aren’t interested in the people she interacts with, her friends, her family, her social circles. If you aren’t intrigued by those around her she constitutes herself by then you are seriously missing a fundamental element of who she is and I guarantee you — you won’t get the girl. You won’t even START to get the girl. The same goes with her job, her hobbies, her pets, her hopes and dreams, history, TV and movies. Being a man that a girl WANTS to spend time with means that YOU — as a man — must become cosmopolitan, learned, flexible and open to adventure and possibility. If you aren’t interested in everything that makes her HER...then you’re gunna be alone the rest of you life. I guarantee it. STEP ONE TO GETTING THE GIRL— Become genuinely (it’s not a game! You aren’t players! It’s douchey to fake/pretend/feign interest) interested in something other than yourself and what you have so far constituted yourself by. OPEN UP! CHANGE! GROW! Become a new bigger, broader, deeper, wider, fuller version of yourself by learning what and who she is interested in and constitutes herself by and invest yourself in that as well. If you are not willing to do this — and it has been my experience 80% of men are not willing to do it — then yes...prepare to be alone! And don’t blame women for your solitude. You chose your isolation. OPEN UP — find out who and what a girl constitutes herself by and invest yourself. Otherwise — no girl.

It’s that simple. As playmates add me to KIK and 100 or so get to know me another 30 or so who have added me get ignored or deleted because they do not understand this simple truth. Many have never asked a single question about things that constitute me like sailing, my dog, my man, my woman, my GFs, my radio station, my writing, my sexual identity — NOTHING. And that’s fine — but if you find the people and things that constitute me boring or of no genuine interest then you’re saying that *I* bore you.


Those who have learned a lot about me and are interested good for you.

But if you wanna get ANY girl (not nec ME) better start finding interesting all the things you don’t. Or be content to be alone.

I have the people close to me that I do because at the age of 19 I became genuinely interested in things that were not me at the time. The people and those interests became mine. I didn’t fake it or pretend. They reshaped me. And will continue to. I’ll add to this as time goes by

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