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  • Amy D


This past week there were 4 winners of the FREE HOUR who correctly answered the necessary “trivia” about me. Each of them enjoyed fun with me after spending enough time chatting with me casually on KIK to know simple things like “How long have I known Daniel” and “How many pets have I had in my life”. If you’re a regular and would love to spend some FREE time with me that’s how you do it! Last FRIDAY/SATURDAYs winners of the spontaneous celebrity guest meet and eat each spent time with our houseguest and enjoyed every inch of her body inside and out by spending enough time casually chatting with me to have a pretty good idea guessing who she was Lastly, the winners for the MEET SHANIA TWAIN contest have been chosen. THANKS TO EVERYONE who entered. Keep your eyes peeled here on ATM for vital info and spontaneous contests that sometimes only last as little as 60 mins! In all we’ve had 33 winners of one contest or another over the last year!

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