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  • Amy D


UPDATE: MAY 12th -- (4:30PM) Thanks to the 4 gentlemen and the two ladies who made the extra hours I had for "fun" hawt and steamy and one of you was especially sizzling and I'm pretty sure you know who you are! I'd seriously consider dating you!

The rest of the time I had was what I wanted it to be except for the chill.

I'll be leaving for L.A. in 2 hours and will return Monday night or Tuesday morning. Booking downtown for either WEDNESAY or Friday depending on you and your preferences so lemme know now!

11 AM: I’m leaving OTTAWA soon to GTA then hopping a private plane to L.A. for my 9-5 work. Will be back Tuesday latest! Looking forward to spending a few days in sunny socal with 2 specific celebs and getting critical work done for the radio station and record label. So to home I run and from home I run some more

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