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  • Amy D


Newly-acquired legendary VINYL isn’t always easy to find...SEALED copies of KATY’s PRISM and PRINCE’s iridescent variation 1984 PURPLE RAIN (don’t ever ever break the original seals/packaging) and backups of HOTEL CALIFORNIA, BAD CO., ROGER DALTRY (after THE WHO) and THE GUESS WHO are decorated with my new stuffies I won at CENTREVILLE knocking out some wiseguys teeth with a beanbag! Gorgeous day today for mowing the lawn, sipping lemonade in the cabana and polishing your glossy knob! 💋🍎 PLUCK ME!


THOSE who are more sexually adventurous and ❤️ the celeb-element of my 9-5 can KIK ME at LITTLEBROWNGIRL2018. Please do not use KIK as an appointment-making means of contact

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