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  • Amy D

CELEB “MEET N EAT” contest!

UPDATE 6:57PM ___________________ correctly answers “LOVETIME” (available on ITUNES and dozens of other music stores) and “collects” his prize which turns out to be pretty raunchy fun for all and decides he can now die happy! 🤣 Liz has a blast!

Assuming she approves some video of the festivities for THE VAULT it will be available before I’m downtown WEDNESDAY.


12 NOON — As with all previous winners who have come to the house or elsewhere to meet (and more) whatever celeb happened to be tagging along with D., Liz Gillies is welcoming any playmate who KIK messages the correct answer to the current personal trivia. In this instance...

In which recorded song did I sing “Let’s Do It!”?

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