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  • Amy D


Thanks to the 3 gentlemen and 1 chica who swapped awesome orgasms with me today. After mowing the lawn and a bit of mall-ratting I’m more than a bit DAZED, crazed and amazed! Thanks to the sweeties who’ve been bringing me FIJI and flowers! It shows respect and class. It would be so nice if everyone would be so dignified. Time for some POIROT and shrimp.

Just a reminder to those who want to join the 120+ who are eyeballs deep in the inside celebrity activity on can reach me for just that purpose (and that purpose only plz) at LITTLEBROWNGIRL2018 where I’m in 2-7 hidden celebrity groupchats with 325+ celebs (altogether) chatting amongst themselves pretty much solely about their sexlives.

Please don’t use KIK for any other purposes. Thanks!

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