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Impossible not to love the beauty and elegance of Kaley’s horses. After the knots have been tied and the sunset ridden off into there’s still Frisco to visit, work and play to do and then the big apple

UPDATE JULY 1st 4:35 AM — As mentioned yesterday morning now that the knots tied and back from the paper-lantern lit gardens it’s some sleep and then Frisco for a day of work and fun. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANADA!! The radio station has been taken OFFLINE in honor of Canada Day! Hope you all have a great time and will see you all Tuesday when I’m back from NY.

VIPS will find 39 mins of wedding (and after) footage from Kaley’s cozy nuptials in THE VAULT and another 64 mins of various other elements of the day including some xxx fun. I may not post again until I’m back as I will be much busier than normal...but who knows!

I AM keeping in touch somewhat on KIK at LITTLEBROWNGIRL2018 for those of you who are sexually emancipated

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