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For those of you who know know I do this sort of thing all the time. However, I thought it would be a lark to actually account for one of the latest adventures I had in NY this past weekend after flying from So Cal, Kaley's wedding, work/play in San Diego/San Francisco and all the raunchy shenanigans we all got up to before and after the nuptials. I don't exaggerate about such things. It's my understanding that most PENTHOUSE LETTERS are B.S.

Mine is not...

After an annoying extra wait of 20 minutes that ought not to have happened, the UBER-EATS fella was knocking at the hotelroom door with me in nothing more than a t-shirt and everyone else hidden in one of the bedrooms watching via a convenient angel of the architecture. "Thank you so much for the directions!" he said, as he struggled to navigate not only the area of Manhattan we were in, but also the hotel itself, trying to find the right door to knock on. "No problem!" I said; and the next words out of his mouth were, "My god you're cute as hell!" I admit I wasn't expecting this. Even the delivery guys I've had fun with in the past tend to be very professional and eager to move on at first before I flirt with them or just flat-out pull them into the room/house gently. This guy was already flirting with me before he had any idea what I was about to propose. If you haven't seen the various thousands of hidden-camera-caught videos of girls seducing their delivery-men/women this usually goes very well. I HAVE been turned down but I can't discern if they're gay, afraid, morally-upright or just daft. At any rate, this fella was about 43 or so I'd estimate and already flirting. Maybe this has happened to him before or maybe he flirts with everything with breasts. Who knows. It made it so much easier to say, "Would you like to come in for a special tip?" I love the poetry of this as it's actually me that's getting the special "tip". The whole thing took 5 minutes or less (as it usually does) but it was one of the hotter instances because he was such a charming guy who immediately -- without hesitation -- wrapped his arms around me, kissing, groping and incredibly excited and grateful. If there's one thing I sometimes feel is missing from my playmates, it's that my presence and personality aren't creating any sort of feverish excitement. This guy was awesome! He was thanking me the whole time, "OH GOD" this and that, shocked and surprised and impressed. He literally said, "I love you" within seconds of us engaging. I LOVED IT!! He sounded so sincere and for those five minutes he did love me which is cool as hell! Right there at the door of the hotel room we stood groping and pawing and kissing and everyone watching us without him aware at all he was putting on a show for others who would soon be doing the same thing for me to watch with yet another food delivery for them. He put his keys, glasses and hat on the kitchen counter behind me and I got to my knees, digging him out of his jeans and gobbling his cock down to the hilt, thrilled by the numerous elements of this that make it so much fun to do: the mystery, the spontaneity, the cunning, the strange location, the knowledge that he's probably married, probably a father, probably has never had this happen, that he'll probably be bragging about this later, that whomever he brags to will probably assume he's FOS. So many things are tidal-waving through my head and I'm so damn horny I can't stop rocking to get his cock in and out of my mouth as many times as I can before he delivers the only thing I really want which is a hot thick creamy load of his cum. I wonder if he's one of the many men I've known who have never cum in a girls mouth because so many women are losers and refuse to do something so awesome. I want to make a memory he will value for the rest of his life. He's still moaning and "OH GOD THANK YOU PLEASE DON'T STOP"-ing and his gratitude and excitement drive me crazy. I wish he was grabbing my head and fucking it hard and fast but he's too much of a gentleman to do that under these strange crcumstances. BOOM! he goes off! The expression on his face according to those watching was absolute SHOCK, AMAZEMENT and pleasure and, as it's squirting into my mouth, and I'm relishing it and drinking it, he's in heaven! I love that everyone's watching, impressed with me, proud of me, turned on, waiting for their turn. He's done and thanking me over and over and over, trying to fumble himself together as he's probably gunna get ticketed or towed wherever he 'temp'-parked in the street. Obviously he didn't expect this! He asks nervously where I'm from and I tell him I just came in from L.A. and he's asking me for my number (which I give him) and hurrying out to his possibly-endangered car. The second the door closes, the others crash out into the room laughing and cheering me on. I've done this many times but I rarely get to do it in a group of others who are turned on by watching me and now desperate to have their turn. "That was so goddamn fucking hot as fuck! OH MY GOD!" they're gushing! This is just the first in a string of these that happen over the next 90 or so minutes.


I'm off to the boat for some kayaking, beach-bumming and refinishing. Hope it is doesn't get tooooooooooooooooooo overheated today!

Sitting in the cabin watching TV isn't that awesome when it's summer, but if it gets up to 40+ with humidex, may not have a choice


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