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LOFTY ADVENTURES As with my previous "PENTHOUSE LETTER" I don't bother wasting my time or anyone else's time with bullshit. As anyone who knows me knows I have hundreds of these experiences and am just starting to toss one or two out there for the fun of it for public consumption. If I spent as much time as was necessary to account for all of them I'd spend 80% of my time doing them and the other 20% writing them out. I apologize for the lack of detail as I could be much more thorough but that simply takes time I don't have. This event happened in OTTAWA having come from Cascais Portugal following our time in Gran Sabana Venezuela where (in both instances I had numerous sexy experiences I may or may not get to eventually). It began when the four of us -- myself, D. (hubby), Regan (wife) and Laurel (one of my female playmates in Ottawa) -- stepped into THE LOFT (which is a games tavern) where you can have coffee food and play any number of board games with friends (video games as well) in a warm, cozy tavern setting. We first picked CandyLand which was cute and took no time to finish so we played a second round, tried our hand at some CRAZY EIGHTS cards, then pulled out 'NEVER HAVE I..." whose rules are simple: questions are posed about things you have done or not done and points are scored or withdrawn as suited. We went through several cards before deciding that while it was fun and always intriguing to play it would make the game more interesting if we chose one card as a "dare" that only the biggest loser had to do after the game. The card or dare had to be something the loser could do with a stranger in the tavern and IN the tavern itself. As it turns out we were all terrible people who have done terrible things and very difficult to find a winner and loser because the scores were so neck-n-neck throughout the game. By the end of the game only one other table existed in the joint with a couple playing LIFE. So it would make the "dare" simple enough to do. When we finally came across the perfect card everyone agreed on, the game ended with that and Regan was the loser (only because she's got slightly more scruples than the rest of us). The card was NEVER HAVE I HAD A TRYST WITH SOMEONE IN BAR WHERE PEOPLE MIGHT SEE. It wasn't a bar at all (I don't drink at all) but it was close enough. Since only the couple existed we realized she was going to have to try to flirt with and get something going with one of the two staff working. It was difficult to tell which of the two (one male one female) would be the best bet but we went with the male because though he seemed something of a "comic book guy" he also seemed more friendly. So, with little or no inspirations about how to approach him, we all agreed it would simply be best if we explained the game and the dare and see if he kicked our pervert asses out or warmed up to the idea at all. He seemed confused and maybe as though he was trying to gauge whether we were serious or just having him on but we kept insisting we were serious and it was just a game and no treachery was involved. Regan's hot. That helped. He wasn't hot but he wasn't a dog either and Regan wouldn't ever let something like that interfere with our shenanigans. After he left us and sorted some things out he came back and said, "We can use the upstairs, it doesn't open for another hour." Regan went with him hand-in-hand out to the vestibule and up the stairs. We followed at a safe distance and stayed outside the door at the stairs' top until we felt things were probably underway. We went in cautiously and his back was to us on one of two couches and she was straddling his hips on her knees kissing and necking with him passionately. God only knows what he thought was our situation. Trying to explain our social/romantic dynamic even to people I know and know me well isn't easy so who knows what he was imagining in his head but we laid back even though he had a couple times half-turned back and clearly knew we were skulking behind them the entire time. He just went with it. Next thing we knew Regan was on her knees fishing his cock out of his baggy pants and licking around the head, smiling at us around the crease of the wall we kept inching our way up to while COMIC BOOK GUY tried his damndest not to cum and not to be too expressive about his "OH FUCK OH GOD" which is hard because Regan's got pretty good skills. By this point it was clear he wasn't phased by our presence 3 feet away and just slightly to his left/behind and said, "Just watch that no one comes up through that door!" We patroled. Regan slobbered and moaned -- not quite a hummer, but still smiling and asking him if he liked what she was doing and him replying that "this is crazy' and her sliding down as fast and deep as she could to force him to cum against his will and getting him closer every time. He put his glasses aside and asked if it was ok to touch her head which she answered "Of course" and he started pushing her head up and down and we started quietly cheering them on telling him "EXPLODE IN HER MOUTH" and "FILL HER MOUTH WITH CUM!" which was too much for him and BAM! Off he went! We could tell by her whimpering response and the thrusts of his hips he was spurting at least 8 maybe 9 streams into her throat and that he could not believe this was happening. He would probably be writing his own PENTHOUSE LETTER. Who knows. We got ourselves together and went back to the hotel laughing and patting her on the back for accomplishing her mission. The next day we went back into the place and he wasn't anywhere to be seen. The place was packed except for some tables we were interested in. So we left. But we will go back eventually. Who knows how he'll react if he sees us.

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