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  • Amy D


Trying to keep up with my SUMMER BREEZE and MDV is a bit challenging because we are moving so fast, lingering nowhere as we’ve gone from Venezuela to Portugal to Ottawa to Maryland and me back to TORONTO for 24 hrs before back to Ottawa and soon NYC and wherever D. wants to go! PLEASE watch my blog and schedule carefully as it will change abruptly and you simply MUST CATCH me while you can as I’m changing locations swiftly and not delaying while people make up their minds. CATCH ME QUICK!!


REMINDER TO VIPS — THE BRITNEY SPEARS MARYLAND BACKSTAGE SEXROMP WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE VIP VIDEO SECTION TOMORROW! Enjoy it while you can. I will only be reposting it with her permission at a later date which probably won’t happen


Not for booking purposes, those who are sexually-liberated can KIK me at LITTLEBROWNGIRL2018

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