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  • Amy D


UPDATE 9:11 am — “Giggety” leaves walking on a cloud with his mind and cock blown and so much more. He and his tagalong can die happy now! I’m not included in the rest of the day as a lowly “employee” and am on my own for most of the rest of the day so let’s you and me make some salacious Sunday memories of our own!

UPDATE: 6:37 am — following a pretty immediate FLOOD of guesses, 36yo “GIGGETY” easily answers the question and is on his way to us to collect his breakfast “winnings”. Stay tuned today for possible second chance!

SUNDAY 6am — Been 2 months but finally have another celebrity houseguest who has agreed to allow at least one playmate to come meet her (and more). The first playmate to correctly answer the question below (YOU MUST send the correct answer to my KIK) will be welcomed to come to the house as so many others already have and meet our guest and stay for a meal (in which she will likely be dessert).

Question: where in Venezuela did I just travel to and for what purpose


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