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  • Amy D


In spring I did some DATING again and it didn’t go very well because most men want to possess me and I’m simply anti-monogamist among other things. So after some world travel and amazing fun and sailing I’m opening the gates again to any and all who want to DATE ME. Im looking for a funny, intelligent non-smoker with time and a future preferably under 40 who:

— loves what I do (Radio DJ, P.A., RECORDLABEL CEO, Call-Girl, Singer, Painter)

— is single or whose wife/GF knows about me

— is sexually liberated (narrow sexual tastes will only be self-destructive)

— loves the sea, movies, travel and gets along with my other Significant Others

— has a soul, dreams and positive attitude

— is esp keen on the celebrity elements of my life and their sexlives

— has shown genuine interest in me as a person (ie listens to my radio station, knows my wife’s name & other basic info about me)


If this describes you and you wanna try DATING...let me know! If one or more of these is absent we’re really not gunna connect!

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