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  • Amy D


UPDATE 3:25 AM — Two replies and two unwilling for whatever fun they might have had to be posted on VIP so...oh well! In a day or two you’ll be kicking yourself in the ass!


UPDATE 2:42 AM — our houseguest had so much fun with our afternooner she’s game for one more! The first regular reading this who KIKs me at LITTLEBROWNGIRL2018 will be invited to get his ass over here and fuck us both! Lets go boys!! No trivia...nothing! Just FIRST TO REPLY is then first cum first served

You have 30 mins before her interest wanes and we move on!


UPDATE 3:45 PM — ________________ leaves well fed and so much more! Wow that was fun! With permission an edited copy of the fun will be posted in VIP section. We’ll see


UPDATE 1:30 PM — WE HAVE A WINNER! _________________ correctly answered the question and is en route from Pickering to collect his prize. Just trying to figure out what to order it. Tatemono?


As always our current houseguest is open to meeting and joining us for a meal. In this instance she’s unsure that it will be anything more than that but anything’s possible. Still a great opportunity to meet an awesome actress and have a great free meal! (And maybe some nookie with me). To NAB this opportunity please KIK ME the correct response to the following question:


I’ve lived in what city in Taiwan and for how long?

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