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It's not easy being a slutty Louisiana girl and a BRIT at the same time but she's at least much sluttier than I am.

As most know Britney doesn't care for me as much as I'd prefer (long story) but I've spent years trying to adjust her opinion of me, slowly earning some respect. This trip to LONDON has been (as I predicted) especially raunchy as the last few shows on the tour dwindle opportunities for debauchery! I have posted 83 minutes of my perversions (including giving the pilot of Brit's private jet the mile-high time of his life) and 49 minutes of backstage antics. It will be several days before I post anything more she needs to approve so be patient: but in the meantime what's there should make you catatonic so use it wisely. As always being on or at the stage just behind security protecting us makes for amazing footage. Ask for the complete concert footage privately and I'll give you the DROPBOX link.

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