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  • Amy D


As all my VIPs know, not only am I always in town during TIFF (I will be back in TORONTO Wednesday), but so is D and a long list of celebrities he knows. This year, VIPs may get a chance to at least shake hands (and maybe even press-the-flesh) with the following, provided everyone’s schedules overlap just right and you’ve got a good suit pret-a-porter.


Nicole Kidman Abbie Cornish Salma Hayek Kate Beckinsale Chloe Moretz Olivia Munn Natalie Portman Olivia Wilde


After her last “Meet-N-Eat” (I’ve temporarily reposted the approved footage in THE VAULT), Chloe is game for a rematch so everyone (not just VIPs) keep your eyes peeled for random, spontaneous (and sometimes very shortlived) invitations (often at strange hours) for some celebrity fun that will probably curl your toes and grey your hair!

It’s always nice to get a little stardust accidentally shaken on to your skin and hair — in the dark it kinda makes ya sparkle.

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