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  • Amy D

TIFF CELEB MEET-N-EAT right now!!!

UPDATE 6:30 PM — the first playmate to correctly KIK me the answer showed 40 mins later and OMG did he lose his shit when he saw who it was!! Things went awesome. There’s 18 mins of the “fun” posted in THE VAULT. Sorry our celeb wasn’t agreeable to anything more than that but what’s there is pretty awesome all the same! After departing we spent the day in various TIFF and everyday-life adventures.


Keep peeled tonight for a 1-2am possibility!

No promises but 50/50 chance


7:30 AM — As with previous instances you have to be able to get here in record time!! The current hottie is willing to meet and maybe more whomever can KIK me the correct answer to the following question:

Who is the only character in my new novel thus far named (both first and last) and name one other character from one of my other novels.

The first individual to correctly do so gets their ass here before TIFF business whisks away their opportunity!!! Be quick!!!

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