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  • Amy D


Daniel already working in earnest on what will likely be his final music “SWANSONG”, kind enough to allow one of the 4 songs of what he hopes will be 25 to be shared — at least lyrics anyhow

ABSOLUELY BEAUTIFUL when you take into account his own death likely not too far off now....


THE MAGIC CHORUS : Every mans an island when he’s dying Just like every windows open when they’re shattered Just like all the magic made’s still purifying Just like everything a man is can be scattered The magic knocked electric at the headboard of your bed Promised the eclectic but your eyes were almost dead No one heard the night stir No one dared the dark There were angels in the alcove The magic moved the moon so it was shining on your face Promised you that soon you’d be beyond the human race No one saw the night blur No one lit the spark There were devils in the damper The magic muttered something in the ears of those asleep To keep them in their clouds and make the dreaming thick and deep No one heard you gasping No one named the soul There were poisons in the pantry The magic mixed a drink and added ice to make it cold It drank it like a greedy fool might think his stone was gold Nothing good is lasting Nothing ever fills the holes There were far too many fools Magic made the morning come like waves of withered light Swallowed up your body and your breathing in its night No one there to bury No one there to mourn When the bells began to toll Magic may be there wherever you are walking still Mystics try to reach you for the theater and thrill No one kneels in prayer No one ever will When the clouds begin to roll

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