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  • Amy D


UPDATE: 9:57 AM — OMG what an awesome experience this was for everyone including me! Thanks to my 2 playmates who were absolutely perfect gentlemen and behaved so wonderfully! You made me look good and I appreciate that! Thank you thank you!

All wrapped up here and moving on with the day! Here’s hoping everyone has a fantastic Sunday!

UPDATE: 7:12 AM — As expected receiving a dozen immediate replies from you all two of whom immediately correctly answered the question and both of whom already knew who exactly is here ATM due to conversations they’ve had with me this week. En route now to ‘collect’ their ‘prize’! Assuming she approves some ‘footage’ of wtvr fun ensues after breakfast, it will be posted ASAP in the VIP VAULT. take a shower and make some eggs and honey ham!


6:55 AM — It’s been several weeks but here’s your opportunity to meet and have breakfast (and very very probably more) with one of the most delicious and coveted women in the world! She will be leaving at 1:30pm and this opportunity ends long before then so BE QUICK!!! I’m sure to be flooded by horndogs who are dying to get a piece of this! You must KIK ME (LITTLEBROWNGIRL2018) the correct answer to the following question in the next 15-30 mins or this chance evaporates! And you must be prepared to actually show up! If you’re going to chicken out then don’t bother!

QUESTION — What kind of sailboat do I own/skipper?

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