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As most who know me are aware...I have an unconventional lifestyle, starting with a non-monogamous view of relationships. I have an amazing husband, a terrific wife, 2 GFs and believe in sexual adventure. I got into this to become cosmopolitan and have some awesome sexual experiences. I've met some fab people and not-so-fab people, had some epic experiences and some boring ones. I've pared away many playmates because the sex was simply becoming repetitive/derivative. I'm busy with 2 radio stations I help DJ, an Indy record label I CEO, friends, and a host of little exploits like horseback-riding, go-karting, roller-skating, painting, and I've written several novels in the last several years, one of which I am currently half-finished.

Another bizarre element of my world is that in the midst of all else -- including the banal making of tuna-salad and walking my puppy -- I occasionally have celebrities in my home (or am flying off every month or so to be in their circles) whom I'm obliged to cater to -- bring coffee and sushi. These people have also been compelling me for years to broaden my sexual horizons and daring me to go beyond thresholds I would never have considered when I was a 19-year-old virgin who didn't even know what a BIG MAC was. For the most part I have jumped in with both feet. This last year I've noticed however that while my playmate list has grown many of my playmates have lost touch with me, have become disappointingly unreliable messaging/emailing me and cancellations/reschedulings have gone through the roof. For those who don't husband is brilliant and a bit of a celeb himself...but he is dying. It is unlikely he will still be with us this time next year. This is one of many reasons why the value of every minute of my life/time is so high for me.

With this in mind, I have re-evaluated my protocols and attitudes about my playtime.

Starting NOVEMBER 1st both this site and how I book (who I meet and how we celebrate life and lust) will change.

For the better.

But at the heart of this change will be a need to pare away any and all phenomenon where people misuse time in a way that affects me adversely. I simply MUST protect the precious hours of life so many treat so glibly. I would like to think that all of you who are true ladies and gentlemen will admire and flow with the necessary evolutions, including my desire to have much more fun and laugh much more! Change is will delight and better me as a proud slut that you join me! Please do!

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