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  • Amy D


I’ve had 40 or so playmates ask me if the rumors of me having a new RING on my finger are true. I have mentioned to quite a few people who’ve been watching the festivities that YES I have a new ring. In my world where I have a husband AND a wife and they, in turn, have other wives and husbands and also everyone has GFs and BFs and significant others, getting another RING is complicated compared to monogamous marriage ideas. But YES I have a new ring...a new “rock” so to speak which I will post photos of once it is back from the jewelers for resizing. Here or in VIP section you’ll get to see the ring on my finger and probably a bit of the “ringing” event itself where it was given. Those of you who know who it is from and the 11 years it took to get it appreciate the discretion involved with how and when that is done. So be patient! 

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