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This year I’ve decided to go more EARTHY and set aside some of the “tinsel”-esque decorations. Just SOME. Not all. Still love my glitzy glimmery traditional stuff but these little guys and the lantern are a start to a little Xmas area at the landing of the stairs. There’s another tree in the bedroom and another on front lawn when I get to it and of course my 8 foot hugging bear my new automated igloo/frosty and plenty other cool stuff to come and of course for those who know me I’m a big “BUMBLE” fan!! Xmas touches will be starting all over my site this coming week. Already playing classic Xmas tunes in the house and peppering in some Xmas songs on KFLYRADIO.NET! I always buy Xmas gifts for my regulars so please be considerate and plan for a small token for me. Doesn’t need to be pricy just useful and thoughtful (UBER/CINEPLEX gift cards rock!)

Check out MDV for shopping clip with Regan (wife)

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