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  • Amy D


Still a very very very white privileged middle aged beloved actress harping about RACIAL issues. The show and cast still has the same chemistry and it’s truly FUNNY!!! But so much politics — the same bitching and whining about the same single thing over and over — that it’s missing out on a chance to be a celebrated revamp! FCS talk about something other than trump! It’s so old! It was so old before he even got into office! So sad. It’s gunna get cancelled because it couldnt get out of its own whiney way! 

Let those of us who actually ARE racial minorities racially discriminated against fight our own battles.

And, incidentally, many of us aren’t half as outraged about it as you are. Calm down! Things have changed, things will change, things will always be changing. Calm down! 😂👅❤️💋

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