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Thanks to everyone who made this FINAL downtown visit so sexy and steamy! I especially want to thank all the new playmates who've been so classy and respectful to not show up empty-handed. I've received so many cool and appropriate gifts from all of you and I was only too happy to hand out what gifts I had to all of you, including coupons for a free-hour at the door.

Unfortunately, much like my birthday, a few of my 'regulars' who I've known for years disappointed me by having not bothered to even get me a simple Christmas card! I'm kinda mortified! In the spirit of my NOV 1st revolution to my protocols and principles, I refrained from such gift-giving at the moment because of it. There HAS to be mutual respect and kindness. I DO hope and wish you all the merriest and happiest of holidays but it was still pretty upsetting. It's just common courtesy. If we lose these simple social amenities and niceties, it's a sad day for us all.

As I will be spending most of my time with loved-ones, my availability will be somewhat tricky so be sure to grab me at the airport TUESDAY, DEC 18TH as it might well be the last availability of the entire year. Looking to make some luscious, lurid Christmas magic before the actual holidays.

VIPs can find the 42-min video of SANTA up my chimney (WINK WINK).

Let's all try to be gentle, sweet, safe and as sexy as hell for the next 2 weeks!

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