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THE FIRST "TEASE" of BLUEBERRY is sexyass and tantalizing as hell! READ IT INSIDE...

As you all pick up your bound copies of DEATHRATTLE (my latest novel of which I am tremendously proud) I’m thrilled to hear from those of you who got, read & raved about it. As D. puts the finishing touches on what might be his last album (SWANSONG), he begins what will likely be his final book. “BLUEBERRY” promises to be — in many respects — different than his numerous others but also familiar in some respects. Those of you who love my books will love it, seeings how he’s entirely responsible for guiding me through these many years of honing my writing. Assuming he weathers life long enough to finish it, it should be done by end of summer. That’s longer than he usually takes (he usually finishes novels in 30-50 days) but he’s working on the album, living as much life as he can while he can. At 10 pages/day normally a 300-400 page novel takes 30-60 days including rewrites/editing. This will take a bit longer as he won’t be writing every day. 😘🍎💋👅🌈💖😉💦✌🏽🥳🔥😎

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