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UPDATE 10:00 A.M. -- ROGER4TKO was astute enough to have made note of the last celeb visitor and, after having correctly replied, got his ass fast to the flux here and now that resulted in him having the TIME OF HIS WHOLE DAMN LIFE with myself, 2 of my friends and our A-LISTer visitor/dirty-minded sunday-morning slut (giggle)! I will post whatever materials have been approved of hopefully no longer than Monday evening! Stay tuned for possible secondary opportunities!


It's been months since one of our guests was fine offering to meet (and probably more) one of the celebs that come and go throughout the year from the house but it's finally happening again today! THE FIRST PLAYMATE of mine IN GOOD STANDING to correctly send the correct reply to the question below to my KIK (IFUSEEKAMY2019) will be invited to come and meet this juicy A-LISTER maybe have a bite to eat and -- assuming she's agreeable (and she's feeling generally agreeable to the possibility) -- much more!

QUESTION: Who was the last celeb here who agreed to this and is currently posted in the VIP (you don't need to be a VIP to know this! It was publicly posted at one point, including a short animated GIF of several seconds of video).

BE QUICK! THIS USUALLY HAPPENS REAL FAST! The last contest last week got a reply in 2 minutes!

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