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UPDATE -- 6:34 A.AM. -- Thanks to their super sexy skillset "E-LANE33" and "FOOKMI9GR" Not only met my houseguests, had some wings and watched the fireworks but spent the night making the fab fireworks of their own with our celeb-guests. Everyone had a sweaty, pumpy, squirty time...and mostly kept all our clothes on (which of course I find very sexy!). keep on your toes for possible second opportunity sometime today (no assurances). Thanks to my playmates for being terrific lady/gentleman and to the few people who sent belated messages. Gotta be on the ball!

Both playmates will be opening new KIK accounts separate from their primary to join the celeb-chatter that often includes the celebs themselves and to share their may ask me for their KIK accounts if you wish to enjoy their experiences vicariously


8:05 P.M. -- AS USUAL WITH THESE CONTEST YOU MUST ACT FAST AS USUALLY SOMEONE DOES AND SCOOPS IT UP BUT TONIGHT WE ARE INVITING 2 PLAYMATES IN GOOD STANDING (YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A VIP) to come share in our fireworks fun and enjoy my company and the company of others including two VERY VERY A-LIST celebs who are with us until Monday. You must send me the correct answer to the question below to my KIK ID...the first 2 who do so...will be invited to come spend the evening and make our own fireworks (if you know what I mean).

QUESTION: Name 2 geographical locations outside of NORTH AMERICA I've sailed to.

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