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As many of you know...for nearly 4 years now one of the projects I've been working on is helping Britney write her sexual memoirs. With all the time limitations (and others) it has taken that long to produce the first of who-knows-how-many volumes. This first is beyond sizzling and contains her earliest sexual experiences in and out of the biz. It is not for sale. No amount of money offered will get you this. However, playmates in good standing can request content and of course the entire thing has been posted in VIP for your sploogey enjoyment. it will absolutely educate and thrill and disturb you. not for the faint of moral heart.


"HOLY GODDAMN HELL! I had no idea Britney was quite this perverse but makes me wanna go jerk off to her videos and everything else I now know about her for about 3 straight days!" -- SUNKWEST_35

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