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UPDATE: MAY 27TH -- As most with such info know the event was amazing! Thanks to all for being gentlemen and ladies and showing the utmost respect for Britney and one another. Let's do this again in 6 months!


I'm leaving ONE SPOT open deliberately for the first individual who expresses the sort of excitement for Britney's body and wild sex-life commensurate to said invitation. Our 200-inch screen, speakers throughout the house and 3 hours of some of the most mind-boggling sex you've ever witnessed with the sexiest woman alive and you'll need nitro pills and maybe several cold showers for the next couple weeks because trust me you will never get this out of your mind and you'll be uncontrollably and spontaneously ejaculating! TODAY!! so be quick! As always someone's bound to snatch it up! (Sorry! Brit NOT HERE this weekend!)

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