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5am here and yesterday was fun, raunchy and insane and I am now officially "MOVED-IN" to what will now be my second or other "HOME" not in Toronto but in L.A. for those of you who know who's house this know this has been many years in the making and I could not be more excited. I will still be living in GTA 60-70% of the time! Rumors of my possible departure from this fun are premature...I'm still having fun for another year...maybe a bit longer but focused now on love life laughter and lurid possibilities! I've posted an hour of yesterdays fun (Mixed) in THE VAULT but it's not edited or polished so bear with the crudeness of the material until I have a chance to pretty it up and add to it.

Driving to Vegas in a bit ( it's longer than flying especially when you use a helicopter but it's one of the most enjoyable road trips you'll ever take (highly recommend it) and only do it twice a year at most.

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