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When I'm as HUNGARY for travel as I am right now...nothing hits the spot like a TURKEY cooked in GREECE eaten on fine CHINA!

Alright all you smokey folks...sizzlin' and jizzlin'...I will soon enough be on a private jet yet again...this time for a long-time-cumming (oh I love the sound of that!) journey to Syros, Kikladhes, Greece. It's my original ambition at the moment to get to HUNGARY if possible but likelihood is I'm going to be in heaven in Greece so I'll probably just simmer and shimmer there for awhile before cumming home! For those of you who know me I have been dying to get there since I first discovered THE BIG BLUE -- as many know is right up there with the best movies ever made and a special dear place in my heart. I'm probably too chicken shit to dive there but who knows! I WILL BE GONE AND OUT OF TOUCH WITH ANYONE AND EVERYONE THE ENTIRE TIME!! So if you message me and don't get a reply as so many always do when I'm traveling, it's on you that you don't keep updated on where I am. (I received 100+ messages while in SOCAL from people asking me 'are you available now....?' even with my mass publication that I was home there...moving in to what is now officially one of 3 places I can officially call my home). Here's hoping the weather here for you folks will be gorgeous but this summer bodes badly doesn't it? ick! YOU HAVE TWO DAYS TO USE ME BEFORE YOU LOSE ME FOR AT LEAST 7-10 DAYS!

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