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AFTER EVERYONE UTTERLY LOSING THEIR GODDAMN MINDS (and every ounce of bodily fluids) after the first BRITNEY VIEWING PARTY during which 10 treasured playmates were entitled to watch some of the most mind-boggling sex on a 200-inch screen with 10 speakers throughout the house blasting every slurp, moan, whimper AND DIRTY EXPLETIVE anyone could shout/pant...I've discussed and had approved the SECOND viewing party during which there is a possibility (at the moment anyhow) Britney herself might attend. This is conditional on varying factors chief of which is playmates response to the possibility. I am offering 10 "TICKETS" to 10 treasured playmates. The party will be deliciously catered and you will watch what can only be described as BRITNEY UNLEASHED. Again, none of this has a price-tag of any kind. If you are the sort to enjoy reveling in the body and bawdy of Britney and anything she might do that concerns being naked and naughty and even nasty...this is your chance. SUNDAY June 30th we will all die happier than ever conceived possible after a few hours of...OH MY FUCKING GOD NO FUCKING WAY YES YES YES!!...............

COME CUM AND CUM AND CUM AND CUM AND go home unable to stand or think or breathe ever again. It's worth it!

IF THE DEMAND and excitement surrounding the event is sufficient to lure may be meeting her face-to-face...and maybe more...

More than 20 of my playmates have already had this honor. Let's make it happen!


MEANWHILE....the first full version of the first approved content of "THE BLACKFEATHER MEMOIRS" (Britney's sexual memoirs) is available in the clearly-labeled BLACKFEATHER tab below the VIP VAULT icon inside the VIP FOYER. Thanks for your patience waiting for it. It deals with Britney's first sexual experiences and is simply paint-stripping! Please enjoy them and make sure you send your words of approval and encouragement to her KIK accounts or email if you have been given it. Thanks for being so discrete and respectful! You're all gems!

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