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The first 2 tickets to the VIEWING PARTY have already been given out thanks to my 2 fav/best VIPS who have seen me 2-4 times a month for extended duration and for many years! Many of you who have requested to attend have never shown any real interest in me as person, read my novels, talked to me outside our time together or shown any interest in my L.A. life which is now becoming more dominant now that I'm "hitched" to my third spouse. The remaining 8 tickets will be given out throughout the next several days leading up to the party itself which may not be on June 30 (esp if Brit is going to attend, her schedule remains in flux). The paradise Eddie Money sang about is getting closer on the horizon! Let's give Brit the encouragement she needs to be with us and be part of everything that is sure to happen as it did the first time! For those hoping to attend the third VIEWING PARTY next month now's the time to start the process by actually demonstrating genuine interest in my life outside our time together -- NOT WHEN WE ARE HAVING FUN BUT THE REST OF THE TIME. Chat with me casually in texts and KIK. There's no price-tag attached to my casual and sexy chatter. If you've not explored my site and know little or nothing about me, it's really not cool to be upset you're not invited. LET'S GET a connection made! As well, if you're not excited by wild taboo then you probably will be incredibly uncomfortable at the viewing parties. They are really designed for playmates who are sexually daring!

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