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  • F.U.C.K.ME

WHAT'S YUMMY, BIG, RED & POPS OPEN?'s not my love-button...ONE of the best things on the bloody planet that's simply not accessible for the most part in Canada...BIG RED is just a mystical confluence of ingredients! It seems to be the twist of lemon juice that sets it not only apart from other CREAM SODAs (original white cream soda from FANTA was just as good!) but from any and all beverages! It's one of the things I enjoy while I'm home there but because I'm flying in and out is incredibly heavy and prohibitive to lug around! ACK! Thanks to one of my many respectful and thoughtful playmates, this case should last me a year! I'm still losing weight so I don't eat sugar for the most part but these beauties are a monthly indulgence I can't resist! Anyone who brings me this is one of my new best friends! Thanks so much to the rest of you who did not show empty-handed but took time to buy flowers, gift cards and other niceties! Extra time is coming your way next time we meet. Respect gets respect with me.

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