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Have a bunch of important UPDATES so let's do a cluster 1) ALL TEN TICKETS HAVE NOW BEEN DISTRIBUTED. 2) THE PRECISE DAY of the VP is in flux at the moment util Britney decides if and when she can attend. Be patient with this as PRIVACY is an issue 3) ONE OF MY NEW PLAYMATES came in like a gentleman, far from empty-handed, full of smiles and verve and apparently FULL OF CUM because damn if he didn't just keep squirting and squirting and OH HELL YES!!! That was fantastic! Impressive as hell! 4) I'm again opening up my personal OASIS to new and uncertain playmates who need a little extra patience this week. 5) TRIX (my alter-ego DOM is now welcoming SUBmissions from anyone seeking a girly-dom. Begging, pleading and persistence are what most matters. 6) BOOK ME NOW FOR AIRPORT LATER THIS WEEK (Thursday probably!)

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