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HOLY GODDAMN HELL! I cannot thank everyone enough for making the 2nd BRITNEY VIEWING PARTY so amazing by not only BEING some of THE BEST FANS Britney ever had, but treating her presence with the kind of awe and excitement she expected and wanted to justify her presence and to toss herself into the fray to be everyone's FUCKTOY for 3 hours! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I hope to God everyone had as amazing a time as I did! Britney is thrilled enough that there will undoubtedly be a THIRD VP and will most likely attend again! So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. You all did me proud. Your discretion, respect and sexual performance was beyond outstanding and I hope something none of us will ever forget. With Brit and you all homeward-bound I am left with a hellofamess and a house so insanely quiet it's always hard to handle the contrary silence.

I will be posting the footage we all viewed when things SEXPLODED into the frenzy that accompanies Britney's dynamite libido and also whatever footage is jointly approved. It will be in the VIP as soon as I get necessary approvals and edits complete. It might take as long as a week so please be patient.

Again...THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for making me look so good! I'm so fucking horny now I won't be cumming-down from this for a week!

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