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Aretha Franklin said those words and we all have our notions of what that is.

I love the quote "That's the problem with first only get to make ONE..."

Today a fella gave me more $ than required but could not take the time or make the effort to instead spend considerably less and honor my protocols designed not for the purpose of GAIN but the purpose of defining a mutual RESPECT needed to make what I do not just FUN but different than what 99% of others are doing.

He is not the first, but he will be the last. And certainly I will not be seeing him again. Without mutual respect, there can be no real contact. There will always be a buffer between us as humans. I asked him respectfully even before he left home to read the info I sent him and to please honor the protocols in place.

He did not. For this reason I was deliberately lousy. Lousier than I've ever been in my life. Without respect flowing both ways, there is no flow at all.

I'm imploring anyone who wishes to preserve the magic we create together for the brief time we create it...please do not show up empty-handed. In November -- out of respect for my beloved VIPS -- I completely eliminated all/any prices. They, in turn, respect me by offering what they feel is appropriate and I have yet to be hurt or insulted by their choices. Thank you all! I love and respect you. Everyone else ...I have lowered my prices for my time (and it is my TIME you are paying for, not what we do with it) by almost one-third. To disrespect me and any connection we might make by not, in turn, making the effort to respect the protocols defined before you're even on your way to simply disappointing.

So far this week since the new prices have been active, everyone has -- for the most part -- been thrilled and we've had a lot of fun! Let's keep the fun/respect flowing in both directions! Life is sexy -- you are sexy! Until the respect wanes. Then so does the sexiness! Let's keep it sexy and respectful. Thanks honey-bunches-of-"OH!"s

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