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As I head out to GTA from this second of 3/4 legs of my summer journeys for 24 hours of RESET...I felt it incumbent upon me to write reviews myself (something I rarely do) for the 3 playmates who made OTTAWA fun so memorable! Cigarman, N. and Allison all dazzled and outshone whatever sunlight managed to blaze through the horrible weather that mostly marked the nation's capital visit. Cigarman was charming and delivered one of the larger creamy deposits I've had, n. was daring and pushed his own limits demonstrating he is THE MAN, and Allison was not only sweet and delicious but equally-anxious to have all new buttons pushed, all new bells rung. With 9/10 potentials flaking, ghosting and downright rude these three saved my opinion of Ottawans! Thank you so much!

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