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I realize racism is alive and well and I'm keenly aware that many people pass me up because (whether they like to admit it or not) they have a racial response to my ethnicity/skin color. They want Aryan and/or white skin...but it's not any better if someone chooses you BECAUSE you are brown!...but racists never think that their focus on someone's race is racism. They think that racism only means YOU'RE TREATING SOMEONE BADLY based on their skin color. I like the original 70s commercial about prejudice where the old man says to his grandson "Because you think of Jimmy as your black friend and not just your friend". This is simple...if you treat anyone differently -- and that includes liking them or choosing them because of their skin color or ethnicity -- THAT IS RACISM. Racism is not just negative....any treatment or focus on someone's ethnicity or skin color because of RACISM! And if you're silly enough to think only white people can be racist you're not just racist, you're also ignorant. This Joel (from Whitby) asshole kept going on and on making it worse and worse and worse every word he spoke talking more and more and more about how my ethnicity and skin color was a factor in his happiness etc...SWEETIE...YOU'RE A RACIST FOOL The worst element of this is RACISTS NEVER THINK THEY ARE RACIST. They think they are just....whatever.....fill in the blank....ANYTHING BUT RACIST.

Whatever you need to assuage your racist guilt. But don't expect the rest of us to swallow your insanity just because you're guzzling it down yourself. The rest of us see you for who and what you are! You're what's crippling society from advancing forward away from this fixation. Shame on all of you! And for the record I'm great at what I do because I look beyond people's aesthetics, age, skin color, religion etc. They are simply not factors at all. If you want a great experience, look beyond your racism and choose someone because they are amazing, not because of their race, aesthetic looks etc. Get over your superficiality. You'll be dazzled what you find beyond your prejudice -- an entire cosmos you've so far missed hiding in your small mind

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