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Four of us went and saw what was EASILY one of the 5 funniest movies we've ever seen in our LIVES! STUBER IS ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS, PRECIOUS AND PERFECT! Movies like this continue to demonstrate how RIDICULOUSLY-OVER-BUDGETED movies like superhero flicks are so tragic. It was modest and still more amazing than any MEGA-MOVIE! GOOD FOR THEM! Will watch this again and again and again! Gave the stranger next to us a BJ! Then afterwards told our UBER driver (whose name was NOT STU) and he parked at the MASTERMIND parking lot and made out with myself, my wife and my GF while hubby enjoyed the show. Didn't go too far because he was terrified to get caught by the cops and given a ticket or some other kind of hassle but it was still HAF. And Lastly, ONLY 4 GOLDEN TICKETS REMAIN now for the next BRITNEY VIEWING me directly to find out how you can get yours. I still have not made any decisions despite the flood of interest. Looking for someone who might make it more interesting than the last 2. Have the new washing machine being delivered tomorrow so who knows what might happen with the delivery...(giggle)...will let you all know

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