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After posting my first "leaf" of my FIBI LIST I got ALL SORTS OF POSITIVE replies.

Unfortunately, not one individual had the backbone to carry through with it.

Not one person, not one item on my list.

Are there no brazen MEN out there?


It's a sad day when a tiny girl like me has more MOXY than grown men!


ANYONE eager AND fearless enough to help CHECK off one of these items (and they are only the start of a very long list) ON CAM (which requires someone else there to record us) and show it off as I so bravely do every day will get whatever time we spend together during it (as there are no means by which we can keep such adventures within a designated time) will get said time...absolutely 100% FREE.

I'm not certain this will mean much to anyone. I can do these things with people who are not playmates. Hell, if I want...I can probably find random strangers if I wanted to. The whole enterprise and intent was to include those I already have an erotic rapport with.

Here's the original POST in it's entirety merely COPIED AND PASTED. Read Thoroughly.

*************************************** THIS IS MY SUMMER FUCK-IT BUCKET LIST of things I haven't tried that I would love to. Even if you're not familiar some of these would still be possible and fun so message me directly and say "I'M game!" and which one you like the idea of


1) SEX IN A PORT-A-POTTY. A CLEAN ONE! There's A SPOTLESS ONE THEY JUST delivered to the gorgeous park near me ostensibly for the hundreds of people they assume the brand-spanking new park they just installed will attract. Nighttime is fine for discretion!

2) SEX THROUGH A FENCE -- I love the idea of meeting on opposite sides of a fence during the day or night (some place discrete obviously) and having all our fun through the fence itself

3) SEX ON THE BRIDGE -- There's a gorgeous wooded bridge nearby I love to go to and so far haven't had sex on the bridge...would be cool to do even at night when no one's around

4) Technically I still have not had a MMF 3-some. It would be cool to find 2 guys (especially younger than me) who know one another with the right disposition to make this happen tastefully. It's not hard to find but I prefer it to be strangers to heighten the excitement.

5) SEX ON CAM FOR BRITNEY -- I've never actually done this with anyone other than non-playmates. I would love to find a playmate who LOVED THE IDEA that they were performing for BRITNEY on cam live so the whole time we're doing what we do we're talking directly to her, addressing her by name



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