July 30, 2019

Normally I allow my criticisms of life, love, the universe to simply go.

It does little or no good to focus on such things. I do my best to stay affirmative and embrace the universe, entropy and all.

But as with a few months ago when I posted on my blog about the WORST SEX I EVER HAD I had (last night) the second worst sex I've ever had.

But worse than the lousy sex was the attitude of the jackass who then responded with the blood-boiling sentiment of "I think I'll just sit here and wait for Godot"

If there is a soft suicide approach to so-called life, it is inertia.

Nothing is more ugly in human beings than anyone who decides they've learned and grown all they'd like to and simply crawl into bed and wait for death to show up and take from them the life and time on this planet they are so horribly squandering. You don't need to be dying or have confronted death itself to know that we -- as a species -- have crawled and clawed our way from the primordial ooze by nothing more than will and want. Perhaps desire is the true evil in the world and if it is I suppose I will go to Hindu hell. But I'm not Hindu. I'm just DU. As in in DO NOT TALK....DO...DO NOT WISH....DO....DO NOT THINK....DO.....DO NOT SLEEP....there'll be plenty of time to sleep when I'm dead.

Lazy, listless losers floundering through life on a cot, waiting for it all to just make me sick!

It pains me that there are so many dying people or people without the opportunities that they have would give anything to trade places so that people like CHARLES M can go rot in an Ethiopian wasteland so that someone who would actually appreciate that life could flourish and thrive.

The older I get the more I see how crucial it is to embrace life love and the sliver of time and opportunity we are given here to explore and grow.

If I were god that would be my first order of business..................exterminate lazy, ungrateful bastards who have found their little plateau on the way up to the summit to sit and watch the elements siphon the life out of them while everyone else continues the courageous upward climb.

To all you heroic and stalwart mountaineers getting bloody fingers and bruised & broken bones on the alpine adventure of life...I LOVE YOU...I CHEER YOU ON....I SALUTE YOU. I even bow to you, and I rarely agree to bow to anyone.


Thank god for you if there is a god.

The rest of're pathetic. And, in the words of Red Foreman -- I wish you were all dead.

You're eating our food, breathing our air, occupying our space, consuming our resources.







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