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Most people aren't aware that I ride on the back of a VIRAGO motorcycle when I'm not LIMO/UBER/RIDE-SHARING...and when I'm not doing those I've got this motorized scooter that travels upwards of 60KM/HR! That's right...60! Requires helmet and pads when not "strolling" with it.

The MDV is here and the music playing is from THRILL-KILL CULT from the COOL WORLD soundtrack (AWESOME MOVIE BTW) "SEX ON WHEELS". I didn't play with hot-wheels when I was a kid but this sucker is awesome when it's kicking ass. If I get the AOK --since it's not actually my mo-mo and hubby relishes his privacy and the bike means so much to him) I'll post some video of me on the VIRAGO.

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